People always ask me, my [insert body part] hurts here, what can I do!? The reason why I can never give anyone a direct answer is because it really doesn’t matter where the pain is


To figure out the source of your pain, I need to look at the relationship between different areas of your body, and then based on how they interact with each other I can come up with a plan of action


To reinforce my point, let’s look at the upward + downward rotators of the shoulder


Let’s say you have shoulder problems with a lat-pull down (or any movement for that matter)


It could be that

🔹your downward rotators are unable to coordinate together to do the ⬇️motion smoothly

🔹your upward rotators are overactive and won’t allow smooth motion


🔹or maybe 2/3 of your downward rotators are sleeping on the job and 1/3 is overactive!

🔹etc. the combinations are endless…😑


Basically it’s all about relationships, how do the upward and downward rotators relate to each other? And within each group, how do the 3 muscles interact with each other to produce ⬆️ or ⬇️ rotation?!


Knowing your anatomy is one thing, but understanding how each body part relate to each other is what separates the noobs from the rehab gods 🙏🏼



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