Reciprocal inhibition in simple terms is when one muscle contracts, the other relaxes. For example when you flex 💪 your bicep the triceps will lengthen and relax, and the opposite is true.
For this release we will find the muscle, sink in and use reciprocal inhibition to relax the supraspinatus and then contract again. This release is best done if you have a partner to sink into the muscle due to the awkward position of bringing your opposite arm over your shoulder. If you don’t have a partner, below is a self release method: 

1️⃣ Find a chair/table sit up straight, bring your opposite arm over your right shoulder(if you are treating the right supraspinatus). Let right arm hang roughly 10-15 degree away from the chair/table and let the palm of the hand touch the side of the chair/table.

2️⃣ Palpate for the spine of scapula by running your fingers up and down

3️⃣ Once you have located the spine of scapula roll on top of it sink into the muscles on top(supraspinatus).

4️⃣ Begin at the medial end of the spine of scapula and work along till the lateral end for 1-2 mins while doing step 5 below⬇️

5️⃣ Press your palm towards the chair(adduction) to relax the supraspinatus and sink in deeper, then relax and contract again.
Tips – You may need to release your upper traps before you can reach the supraspinatus – This may not work for everyone due to other compensation patterns that needs to be resolved before targeting the supraspinatus – Seek out a professional if you need to 

Give this a shot hope this helps with your neck and tennis elbow!!! 


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