This muscle, if cramped 😖😫 will compress on the sciatic nerve and cause you to have pain that may radiate down your leg ⚡️


This condition is called piriformis syndrome


If you have this condition, odds are you will have a shortened and tight piriformis!! This tightness will rotate your pelvis to one side and change your hip biomechanics. This will also causes the thoracic spine to counter-rotate which will create 🔀torsion throughout your back 😑



1️⃣ It’s cause is unknown

2️⃣ Can be a cause of acute and chronic low back pain

3️⃣ It usually starts from the buttocks and can spread down to the hamstring or as far as the calves

4️⃣Typically pain occurs during the stance part of running, or during extended sitting periods

5️⃣Stretching too aggressively will irritate the problem more and is not recommended

6️⃣ 15% of people have the sciatic nerve traveling through the piriformis, which make these people more likely to experience this problem


🕵🏼If you have this problem what do you do? Usually people recommend strengthening/stretching exercises, ice, and rest. These work to a certain degree, but there are better ways to go about it!


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