HOW TO DECOMPRESS YOUR NECK![neck posture fix]


Stretching the neck is definitely a good idea, but if it isn’t combined with neck decompression exercises, it will only help transiently!


The most basic neck decompression exercise is the CHIN TUCK! (See above)


The idea is that when you’re stuck in forward head posture (FHP-🅰), your upper cervicals gets stuck in too much extension and your lower cervicals are in too much flexion. As you perform the chin tuck (🅱) , you introduce more upper cervical FLEXION and more lower cervical EXTENSION into your system


This simple exercise will increases upper and middle thoracic extension and also puts a good active stretch on all the superficial neck muscles/fascia/ligaments of the posterior cervical and upper thoracic spine as well as the sub-occipitals muscles


It serves a dual-purpose of lengthening short muscles and strengthening 💪🏼 key postural muscles, which act against gravity and are subject to postural fatigue


👉🏼Remember that while doing this exercise you’re trying to POSTERIORLY translate your head back (like a 🐢) you do NOT want the head to tilt back. The head must remain parallel with the body throughout the movement (you’re essentially giving yourself a double-chin at end range 😝)


Start with 3 sets of 5-10 reps every day and slowly build up to 12-15 reps!



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