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Of the four rotator cuff muscles, supraspinatus is the most commonly torn and/or involved when shoulder pain is present. Pain that is thought to be associated with irritation of supraspinatus is often called ‘shoulder impingement’ or, more appropriately, ‘subacromial pain syndrome’.


There are many theories as to why pain develops in the subacromial space and many believe it may have to do with compromise of supraspinatus and it’s tendon. These hypotheses include: limited blood flow/nutrient delivery and increased mechanical stress associated with factors such as postural alignment, scapular bony morphology and motor control (particularly scapular dyskinesis).


Individuals with subacromial pain syndrome often report that their symptoms are located at the top of the shoulder and may radiate into the lateral arm. Aggravating activities include: sleeping on the affected side, reaching overhead or behind the back and quick shoulder movements.


Fortunately, a graded resistance training program, that loads the shoulder complex, often helps eliminate these symptoms. 

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These exercises are all being performed through full concentric and eccentric motion. If your pain is severe, it is often best to start with isometric and eccentric only contractions. If you have questions about this, I can explain how to modify these exercises.


1️⃣Full Can (make sure thumb is pointing up)

2️⃣ Sidelying External Rotation

3️⃣Push-up with Plus

4️⃣Overhead Press

5️⃣Bent-Over Pulldown


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