How the body distributed strain and injury to the tissues. |biomechanics|🤓

Biomechanics is all about tension and compression. You are either pushing or pulling, or bracing or hanging. Your feet brace onto the floor and your shoulders hang off the rib cage. Shearing, bending and torsion are all combinations of tension and compression forces. Biomechanics is the sum total of how your body handles tension and compression.



The dowels float in a 🏊🏾 pool of soft tissues and change when stress is applied to the tensional forces (elastics) causing a change in shape. 🔺🔻♦️When the tension is increased, called strain, the structure becomes less mobile and stronger💪🏼. The mobility of the structure is called adaptability. When the tension increases⬆️, adaptability decreases⬇️. Tensegrity structures, when stressed, tend to distribute🔄 rather than concentrate strain. Which means the body is designed to take the strain as a system. It is the adaptability of the system that determines the integrity of the whole. The body distributes the strain; it does not localize the strain and the result of local injuries soon become global 🌎 strain patterns. If an injury, shortened ➡️⬅️muscle or postural➿ imbalances occurs to the soft tissue and shortens one of the continuous lines of tension in the body, the whole structure is impacted. The body is designed to distribute the strain but an injury occurs when a strain is localized. The pain isn’t the problem, it’s the symptom. 😲


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