Spine Vulnerability



Is this movement bad for your back?

Can this damage your discs?


No‼️ However, many physiotherapists, doctors, orthopaedic surgeons, and the general public believe this to be true and need to change their beliefs 🤔 about the spine.


People with degenerative discs have been told that they cannot bend their backs, lift anything heavy or do manual work. However, there are many examples where people have gone back to doing the very things they were told they cannot do. Being told you cannot use your back in certain ways and should protect it, creates much fear about the integrity of the spine. Research tells us that fear can be a major driver of abnormal pain behaviour, so we must be careful with what and how we explain things to people in pain.


A shift in beliefs has to happen within the medical and physiotherapy professions, and in the general public.


We can trust our back as It is a robust, strong structure!


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