Everything in the body is 🔗 connected. Achilles tendinopathy is a great example of this. The Achilles tendon and calves are connected to the plantar fascia on one end and the hamstrings on the other.
Weakness in the hamstrings is a known risk factor for Achilles tendinopathy. This weakness causes movement compensations that lead to extra loading on the Achilles.
If you can’t 🏃 propel yourself forward via hip extension, you may resort to pushing off more at the ankle and foot. This movement compensation ⤴ increases the stress on the Achilles and can overload the tendon.
So when you want to fix an injury, you have to look beyond the site of pain. Attacking locally is a great place to start but you may need to move up or down the chain for long term resolution. You know what hurts, but you need to figure out WHY. Find the patterns. 🔎 Find the compensations. And often you’ll find the solution.


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