Have you woken with neck pain from sleeping in an awkward position? Often this ache is nothing more than annoyance, but it can sometimes be extremely painful. Occasional neck pain from 😴 incorrectly is a common issue


Deep in sleep, your head can fall into a position that puts unnecessary stress upon your neck muscles. After a bit, your neck can get agitated and you end up waking up with a major crick in the neck


If you are a stomach sleeper, odds are you have a preference to which side your head is rotated to. As seen in the top left, you can see how this sleeping position torques your neck which causes lots of strain on your cervical spine


Sleeping with too many pillows will push your head into too much flexion and put more pressure to the bottom of the c-spine .

While sleeping on an old ghetto pillow with little to no stuffing 😜 will cause more strain higher in your c-spine


The best pillows are the ones that allow you to maintain your natural curve. They will keep you in a neutral position effortlessly


The best sleeping positions in order are
1️⃣on your back (the best)
2️⃣ on your LEFT side 

3️⃣ on your RIGHT side

4️⃣ on your stomach (the worst sleeping position!)

 Yes, sleeping on your left side is generally better for you than your right side!!! .

Tomorrow I will go over a sleep correction if you have rotated hips!!!


What’s your favourite sleeping position?! 🤔💤 


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