Habits and daily positions determine your posture

✅ Be mindful of how you hold yourself day to day. Check your work environment and desk setup to see if you can improve it…you likely can

✅ Make the transition to a standup workstation, and spend less overall time sitting. When you are sitting, be mindful of your position

✅ Do the self maintenance work necessary to offset poor positions. This can be tissue work/positional stretching/active mobility work…anything to offset the muscle and tissue imbalances that happen from adopting static postures over time. You can’t just ‘force’ a good posture if your tissues have all adapted to poor postures…you must free them up first

✅ Remember that your body is highly adaptable and mouldable. This is a good thing, but can also be a bad thing. If you are always in poor postures and positions, your structure and tissues will adapt and become those positions. Choose to prioritize your body, maintain your body, and hold yourself better.


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