PAIN ‼️ Understanding the basics of it will help you get out of it ✔️

🔑The field of pain science has taught us a lot about pain. One of the first things I do as a clinician is educate people on the basics of pain and what it actually is. This can help people reframe their pain and give them a greater sense of control over it to prevent the feeling of helplessness

🔑 Pain is an action signal. It is like an engine light in a vehicle. It is based on PERCEIVED threat or danger, therefore is is experienced completely differently by different people (even the exact same thing can be completely painless or painful depending on the person and how their nervous system perceives it)

🔑 Pain is influenced by many factors. These include past experiences with pain, general mood, level of anxiety or stress etc., which can all lead to ramped up pain responses

🔑 Pain is there to motivate protective behaviours. It tells you that you are currently doing something or experiencing something that your body doesn’t like and doesn’t want

🔑 Sometimes pain is meaningless, such as when we are getting a deep massage. Some people love massages, and some people hate them and think that they are excruciating and Terrible experiences. Either way, no damage or threat is actually occurring…our nervous system just perceives that the body is being threatened. Reframe pain and it will help you get through it ✅


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