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You don’t have a knot[neck pain]

I know so many people that I see personally or chat me about a knot in their neck. It usually starts something like “i have a huge knot in my neck and my therapist can’t get it” or “i wanna come in to remove this knot” –

Let me enlighten you… the knot you have, that you think 💭 you have isn’t ❌ a knot. 😵 –

The muscle most people are referring to is the levator scapula which is in the diagram on the left. If you see the ⭕️I placed on the muscle you’ll see that the muscle loops around itself.

It’s the anatomy of how the muscle attaches itself, so naturally you’ll feel a bouncy feeling when you run your hand over your neck.. –

Grinding the fuck out of the muscle won’t get rid of what you think is a knot. So before you ask someone to put an elbow in your neck, remember the anatomy of the muscle won’t change. 




When you think of mobility you think of your joints and muscles but not often do we consider the skin in terms of movement. The skin is the largest organ in the body and it has the capacity to move apart similar to muscles and fascia. –

If you have a formation of scars and injuries this will also impact the amount of mobility skin has. WHY⁉️ the scars protective response is to pull things together resulting in tighter skin.

How high heels affect the body: 

A women’s body will attempt to compensate for the off kilter balance heels cause by flexing or forward bending the hips and spine. 

To maintain balance the calf, hip and back muscles become tense. This makes for excess muscle fatigue and strain. 

Over a period of time, wearing high heels can also cause the calf muscle to cramp and bulge. 

Spine don’t?

Wheels need to be aligned, not our spines 😊We don’t need spinal manipulations to “re-align” the spine.

The spine is strong and robust, vertebrae don’t just pop out of place.

We don’t have to fear our back and think that the back is vulnerable and needs to be protected. 

Our body is designed to move, also our spine! 😊

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