You don’t have a knot[neck pain]

I know so many people that I see personally or chat me about a knot in their neck. It usually starts something like “i have a huge knot in my neck and my therapist can’t get it” or “i wanna come in to remove this knot” –

Let me enlighten you… the knot you have, that you think 💭 you have isn’t ❌ a knot. 😵 –

The muscle most people are referring to is the levator scapula which is in the diagram on the left. If you see the ⭕️I placed on the muscle you’ll see that the muscle loops around itself.

It’s the anatomy of how the muscle attaches itself, so naturally you’ll feel a bouncy feeling when you run your hand over your neck.. –

Grinding the fuck out of the muscle won’t get rid of what you think is a knot. So before you ask someone to put an elbow in your neck, remember the anatomy of the muscle won’t change. 


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