About Ron


Is a qualified Manual Therapist. Completed his qualification at Our Lady of Fatima University, Philippines formerly (Fatima Medical Science Foundation Institute) in 1999.

Ronald is a Soft Tissue Therapist, who has been working with us here at OPRC (Osteopathic Pain Relief Centre) since early 2009.

And has since gained valuable work experience as physical therapy Assistant in Orange Valley Nursing Home in Singapore, in August 2008. Massage therapist in atouch Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and as a Clinical/Operating Theatre at National Kidney and Transplant Institute in the Philippines.

Ron is a member of Soft Tissue Therapist (Sports Medicine Australia) , World Confederation of Physical Therapy and Singapore Red Cross.

His interest is in treating neck and back conditions and sports injuries.

He believes that movement is the crux of life and is passionate about helping his patients to health and fitness. He enjoys his work thoroughly and keenly keeps himself abreast with recent developments in physical therapy. His current interests are in treatment of neck and pelvic girdle conditions as well as in reducing sports injuries through correcting sports biomechanics.

I use different massage techniques to help relieve problems which are causing my clients pain – soft tissue (muscles, tendons and ligaments) responds really well to the excercises that we use – within the treatment we use a variety of different techniques and the client, rather than drifting off to sleep as in a relaxing massage, may find themselves asked to participate by stretching, breathing and using movement to help release tension in the muscles. tension can be as a result of emotional stress, physical trauma or repetitive strain I love working with people and love all of the phases of massage, but the work I do primarily, however, is the enjoyable part of this job: therapeutic, stress-relieving Swedish massage! This is the type of massage that heals the body, calms the mind and renews the spirit, and has you walking out the door with a smile on your face, and often saying what is music to my ears, “See you next week!”

  1. Hello Ron, I received a ping on a recent blog post and arrived at your blog. We live a world apart but do similar work. I enjoyed looking through some your articles. Thanks for your writings and best of success to you. Don Miller http://donmillermassage.wordpress.com/blog

  2. Hello Ron, I received 2 ping related to cervicalgia and MRI of the lumbar spine. Thank you once again! I saw some of your articles! Excellent work. I am going to follow you so I can receive all your recent updates:-)
    Thank you

  3. Hello Ron thank you for the ping on tennis elbow. I enjoy reading your post as well. Good Luck!

  4. Hi Ron, received a ping on a recent post about STRESS. Love your content. Keep up the good work! http://www.aviewtoyourhealth.wordpress.com

  5. Hi Ron,
    Thanks for the pingback. You have some great posts and insight about massage and the body. Look forward to your next articles.
    Wishing you all the best,
    The Body Poets Massage Therapy team. http://www.ottawamassageblog.com

  6. Hey Ron I`m searching for the original Pic from your Kinetic chain post! Where did you get the pic from?

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